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Our Base

Base manager
Makis Karagiorgos: +30 6945666693

Base address
New port of Tourlos, Mykonos

Business hours
Base hours: weekdays: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturdays: 08:30 - 20:00

Place of embarkation
New port of Tourlos 

How to get at base
The NEW port is in an area called TOURLOS which is about 1.5 km but can be seen from town; it’s walking distance but not if you are carrying luggage.
The New Port is connected to "Chora" and the Old Port by Taxi or Bus. The main Taxi stand is situated on the waterfront in Chora on the far right when looking at the sea. The main bus station is near the windmills on the top side of Chora.

General Infrastructure of the base
The harbor in Tourlos consist of main cruise boat quay, and quay for the largest ferries and speedboats: also a main part of harbor is reserved as a marina for yachts.
Most ferry companies dock and leave from this harbor: Blue Star Ferries, Highspeed.

Supermarket is located across the marina in Tourlos.

Transfer facilities
Upon request.
COST (4 persons) Taxi - EURO 50
Cost MINIBUS (10 pax) EURO 200

FERRY BOAT - moors in front of Marina

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